Loose Ends Place

AKC Golden Retrievers. 
State Licensed and inspected by state and our veterinarian 

Breeding / Litters 2019

NO Litters are planned for the year 2019. We are giving our females and us time to recover from our last 2 litters. Also we are planning to upgrade our kennels. A project that will take most of the summer under the DIY plan.



Puppy Sales Information
***We do NOT breed over sized dogs or "show" dogs. Our dogs are field bred for intelligence and health. They are bred first and foremost as family pets that are within breed standard for size and come from healthy parents.  The average weight for a female on maturity is anywhere from 55 to 65 pounds. For a male, between 65 to 75 pounds.  If you are looking for a 90 pound dog look elsewhere, if you are looking for a show champion look elsewhere.*****

Costs Involved In Purchase of Puppy
*Price 1500. excluding delivery and related vet expenses
*Shipping cost is between 300.00 and $500. depending on size of puppy on the day of reservation.  to include but not exclusive to air fare, approved travel crate, needed paperwork and travel to Denver airport.
We ship puppies thru United Pet Safe program.
*We are required to collect state of Neb. tax.
Full AKC reg papers are given
No kennel name requirement
Health Certificate for air travel
Full health Records on puppy and copies of Hip, Elbow, DNA testing of parents
All Vet recommended vaccines and worming
Puppy Packet with a puppy training book to help you start your puppy on the way to good doggy manners.
                             Sample of Puppy food
                            All paperwork as required by the state of Nebraska

* We use paypal for all transactions.


The advantages of adopting an older puppy

Older puppies are further along in their vaccinations meaning less trips to the vet. They are as a rule easier to house train than a younger pup, They have experienced more "life" and being older are ready to further their experiences with trips out and about town. They are more mature and able to absorb basic training when done kindly.

Our puppies get weekly grooming. They are used to baths, blow dryers, nail trimming and the brush and comb.  A note to keeping baths easy is NEVER soak the pup's head with soap and water.  We stop shampooing on the neck behind the ears.  After the bath we wipe the head with puppy wipes. If you don't frighten a pup with soap and water in eyes the pup doesn't mind being bathed.