Loose Ends Place

AKC Golden Retrievers. 
State Licensed and inspected by state and our veterinarian 

We have a wide variety of critters living with us.
Several cats, a couple ferrets and some tortoise, A Red Footed one called NAT (Not A Turtle) and a Russian called Captain Tuttle. Among other critters.

Twist our Rotty eyeing over Franny our Blue and Gold Macaw. Twist is a general all around farm dog. When our buck was in rut and got fiesty. Twist stood between me and the buck and gave him the "eye" buck snorted, stamped but backed off. He will begin cart training this fall to help with moving bags of feed and other needs to move.  

Our little goat herd. We have downside sized from 20 plus to one doe a buck and a couple weathers. More than enough for milk and meat.

Of course we get the wildlife coming thru as well