Loose Ends Place

AKC Golden Retrievers. 
State Licensed and inspected by state and our veterinarian 

We are trying something new! Puppies and their families.

If you purchased one of our puppies and would like to add a picture. We'd be happy to post it. Please feel free to send your picture(s) to goldenretrievers@looseendsplace.com
For safety and privacy. We won't use your name just initials and state.

Meet Maia the daughter of Gypsy and Rex. Adopted by R&V B. of Wyoming. She is happily living the life all Goldens want. Being a part of a family.

(Maia) The Golden addiction, a ball. Chase the ball, carry the ball insist your human throw the ball so you can chase the ball and carry the ball. Repeat until human can't throw the ball any more.

(Maia) After playing ball, it's time to refuel to get ready for the next adventure.

(Maia) Christmas, when the humans put lots and lots of shiny balls on a tree. They are the kind I can look at, but 

can't chase or carry.

(Maia) Snow! Gotta love snow! It's almost as good as chasing a ball.

(Maia) I want it, can't reach it. But I want to get up there to show my people I can reach it. 

Copper enjoying some snuggle lap time with his person. In  Alliance NE.

Bentley enjoying the good life in Colorado 

Playing fetch, trips to park and of course time to play with his toys.

Bentley enjoying time near the water

Bentley holding tight onto his toy.

Copper happy on a Nebraska farm with his new family.

Cooper the 2 pics above is a handsome fellla who enjoys hiking and living in the MA. with VL

Hi, Thought I'd send you a few photos of Dobby (we renamed him Cooper but I've discovered that Dobby is a good fit). Some of these were taken a while back when we were hiking up in Maine. He's doing great and growing like a weed. He's super smart, doing great with training and he's going to grow into a wonderful dog. He can still be ornery sometimes but he’s a great dog and we’re very proud of him. Best, VL

Katy Happily living in CO.

She's doing wonderful!

Makaha one of our pups living in Colorado

Makaha Enjoying a Colorado fall.