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AKC Golden Retrievers. 
State Licensed and inspected by state and our veterinarian 

Loose Ends Place and Shipping Your Puppy

We will ship within the United States, excluding Hawaii due to the island quarantine.
Puppies must be 8 0r 9 weeks old to ship by air. Depending on whether the pup is going in cabin or by cargo.  We use United Pet Safe program out of Denver airport to ship. We ship on a day that the airlines determines to safest for the puppy. That means temps aren't too hot or too cold.  If you opt for shipping you MUST be prepared to arrange to be at the airport on your end on that day. 

Airlines now require a 10 day out reservation for live cargo.  There is a mountain of paperwork to do including photographs of puppy the shipping crate, and various paperwork that must ALL be submitted at least 5 days prior to the shipping date for approval.  
Effective immediately per airlines there are no shipping dates available between 1 May and 30 September to the following cities Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix, or Tucson. There are  NO EXCEPTIONS SO DO NOT ASK!  IT IS OUT OF MY CONTROL

In addition the airlines reserves the right to refuse to ship any live animal to ANY city that it feels has temperatures out of the safe range determined by the IATA Live animal Regulations.  

To make everything easier on everyone YOU can fly into Denver airport, We can meet you at the baggage claim and hand you the puppy with all paperwork required to fly IN-Cabin with you under the seat counting as one of your carry on. Charges vary per airline but average about $100. give or take. For a puppy to fly. You would make your round trip ticket purchase and purchase a ticket for the puppy for your return flight.  For in cabin flights the puppy can travel any time of the year with a Health Certificate and proof of vaccine. We would provide you with needed paperwork  and approved under the seat carrier.  Golden Retrievers due to size and growth would need to be picked up at 8 to 10 weeks to do the under the seat carry on. We recommend making the flight arrangements as soon as possible to get best pricing and a reserved spot on plane for puppy due to the limited number of in cabin live animals allowed per flight. 

Due to state regulations we are required to be on kennel premises Monday thru Thursday our stated open days.  ALL CARGO SHIPMENTS and IN CABIN PICK UPS need to be made FRIDAY, SATURDAY, Or SUNDAY. We live 4 hours from the airport on a good traffic day. Any incoming flight to pick up a puppy should fall between noon and 6 PM Mountain Time.  

If the puppy is shipped via cargo the AKC papers will be mailed via post office and certified mail to avoid loss in transport. Someone will have to sign for the paperwork on arrival.

We don't make the rules in pet shipping, we just have to follow them and try to work the best we can within those rules.  At this time as stated above the easiest way is to come pick up your puppy. Either by car to the farm or fly into the Denver Airport. With Cargo shipping everything falls into the realm of government and air line regulations which requires patience, time and being willing to jump thru a few hoops. 
If you have any questions about shipping please e mail us at goldenretrievers@looseendsplace.com